Extended Recorder

Extended Recorder 1.70

Record long voice notes or phone conversations


  • Unlimited recording lenght
  • Remaining time/memory indicator
  • Supports AMR format


  • No audio tweaking tools

Very good

The recording function within the Nokia Series 80 phones is brilliant for capturing voice notes about inventions you've just thought of, or taking down conversations where your friends have agreed to lend you money in case they deny it at a later point. Well, that's what I use it for anyway. I've always found the one minute recording limit a little restrictive though, but thankfully Psiloc Extended Recorder addresses this issue.

This neat electronic recorder captures voice notes of any length, so the duration is only limited by the size of your phone's memory. Luckily, there's an option to save the file in space-saving AMR format, or you can opt for WAV if you're looking for that bit more audio quality.

Another handy feature is that the software displays the remaining recording time and memory, so you know when it's time to start wrapping things up. After the audio has been captured, it can be transferred via USB cable or Bluetooth to your PC, freeing up space for you to start a new recording.

If you attend lots of business meetings, are a forensic detective or if you just like the sound of your own voice then Psiloc Extended Recorder represents a great way of recording lenghtly spiels.

Extended Recorder supports the following formats


Extended Recorder is a tool which implements a very important and useful function missing in Nokia Communicators: the ability of creating voice notes longer than 60 seconds and recording phone conversations!

Extended Recorder functionality is similar to standard Recorder, but it can do much more than a standard one! Registering voice notes had never been so easy! Now user may forget about 60 second limitations! The only limitation is the available disk space. Extended Recorder has the functionality of showing the remaining available record time.

Extended Recorder has two main functionalities: recording as a recording machine, and registering voice calls.

Recording machine - to start using this functionality, user must remember not to close the application completely, and to set up the shortcut for start and end of the recording. Registering voice calls - using this functionality, user may register incoming and outgoing calls. To register incoming calls user needs to set it up in application Settings. To record the outgoing call user must choose Make&record call from application menu.

Extended Recorder


Extended Recorder 1.70

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